Detecting Traffic Sources with excessive amounts of old Devices

For profitable campaigns marketers are expecting the right mix of device distribution. High amounts of old devices (older than 2 years) leads to unprofitable campaigns and is if excessive a strong indicator for Fraud. Outdated Emulators / Bots results in high amounts of old devices.  The Filter only flags in case the configured threshold has been exceeded. 

Configuration Options:

>Integration>Filters>Advanced Mode (on) 


Lookback Interval: Looks at the last x hours to evaluate the percentage of old devices. (e.g. 6 hours / 12 hours etc.) The longer the interval the more accurate results will be but the filter will respond slower in to traffic changes. 

Threshold:  Defines the percentages of old devices allowed before conversions will be flagged. 

Rules: Defines the rules what is considered an old devices. As a default we configure devices / OS that are older than 2 years. For more details on devices you can see for more information below.

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Example of OS Distributions:

iOS Distribution:

Android Distribution: